An independent Monte Carlo calculation that provides clinicians the gold standard in treatment plan verification. RadMonteCarlo supports a variety of clinical techniques and treatment planning systems to ensure the accuracy of your plans in minutes.

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A versatile solution for multiple modalities



  • Support for 3DCRT, IMRT, VMAT, SBRT, and SRS


  • Support for 3D dose calculation


  • Support for modulated scanning systems


Integrating seamlessly with ClearCalc’s interface as an optional add-on*, and powered by our Monte Carlo algorithm, RadMonteCarlo’s secondary dose calculation delivers accurate results in minutes.
*RadMonteCarlo is an optional add-on to ClearCalc and is not included in a standard ClearCalc purchase.

Integrated Accuracy

  • Supports photons, electrons, and protons
  • Dose calculation in minutes
  • Full 3D gamma analysis
  • DVH analysis
  • Interactive results

Efficient Independent Calculation

Integrated Automation

  • Full integration with Eclipse, no DICOM-transfer needed
  • Accepts DICOM imports from most TPS vendors for flexibility in mixed environments
  • Supports 3D, IMRT, VMAT, SBRT, SRS, electrons, and protons in a single solution
  • Streamlined commissioning for safe and efficient setup
  • Customizable reports

RadMonteCarlo Machine Compatibility

A single solution for multiple machines and techniques in your department.


Scanning Proton Systems

RMC Cloud

No Additional Hardware Required

A lightweight application that runs on any Windows PC in your department.

RadMonteCarlo Overview

Read our introduction to RadMonteCarlo on our blog , or schedule a demonstration below.

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