Access all your Machine QA data on a streamlined, cloud-based platform to perform, review, and track multiple QA data streams all at once. Automatically upload your data for any Machine QA test or frequency from Machine Performance Check, DailyQA3, and File Directory, right in your browser.

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The Comprehensive QA Platform

Gone are the days of scattered spreadsheets and siloed data. RadMachine meets all your QA needs in a simple, centralized hub.

Vendor Agnostic

Consolidate your data, with support for virtually all devices and vendors

Event & Fault Logging

Keep track of machine faults, field service reports, and repair/maintenance records


Incorporate data from therapeutic and diagnostic imaging services

Reports & Trending

Plot QA results over time and generate detailed summary reports

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual

Conquer all your QA needs on one platform, adhering to TG-142, TG-51, and MPPG 8a recommendations

Image Analysis

Analyze your image datasets — from starshots to CBCT — alongside your data

For Diagnostic Departments 

Access all your Machine QC data on a streamlined, cloud-based platform to perform, review, and track multiple QC data streams all at once.

More Than Just Linacs

RadMachine is capable of integrating all data from therapy machines, imaging devices, and ancillary equipment into one consolidated platform. Keep tabs on the whole department's QA schedule with built-in scheduling and asset management functionality.

QuickCode on screen
  • Linac
  • HDR
  • CT Sim
  • Ion Chamber
  • Electrometer
  • GM Meter
  • Multiple Array Devices
    • DailyQA3™
    • QA BeamChecker™
    • IC Profiler™
    • MatriXX™
  • Ultrasound
  • And more
  • Survey Meter
  • Ultrasound
  • And more

Machine QA Sees A New Day

Capture and analyze daily, weekly, monthly, and annual Linac Machine QA data in keeping with TG-142, MPPG 8.a, and TG-51 recommendations. Already have a phantom kit? We accommodate the use of existing phantoms from common vendors.

Integrated Image Analysis

A full suite of image analysis tools makes short work of all your favorite tests, from picket fence and Winston-Lutz to MV and kV image quality. Can we automate it? Of course. RadMachine can automatically upload images for touchless analysis, and can easily pull results from DQA3 and MPC.

Picket Fence




Planar phantoms


Easily review historical data trends to provide at-a-glance insights into machine and device performance over time.


Complete reports of all QA performed—including service events, image analysis, machine faults, and more — can be generated at scheduled intervals or created ad hoc.


Users have optimal visibility of upcoming and completed QA tasks. Customized schedules ensure a standardized QA process in each department.

RadMachine in the Cloud

Cloud-Based, Browser-Centered

Access your data where you want it, whenever you need it, right in your browser.

Your Data, Your Way

No two clinics are exactly alike. RadMachine allows for complete customization to fit the unique needs of your department.

Testing Flexibility

Testing Flexibility

Utilize RadMachine's flexible pre-built templates to transform your Machine QA workflow. Schedule testing and reminders for any QA frequency, and leverage custom templates and tolerances. The sky's the limit with full integrated Python scripting capabilities.

Getting Logical

Getting Logical

Testing options such as numerical, file and image upload/analysis, real-time cross-test value calculations, multiple choice, text, and constants provide endless configuration options for your QA lists and calculations.

Backend Configuration

Backend Configuration

Built-in administration allows for careful crafting of user permissions and assignments. Set completion or failure notifications to stay up-to-date on QA task status and progress.

RadMachine Overview

No more spreadsheets. No more relying on multiple QA tools for different tasks. RadMachine meets all your QA needs in one platform.

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