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Ensuring Quality, Safety and Performance in Laboratory Glassware

Every lab wants to minimise breakages and increase the shelf life of their glassware. Here, we explain how investing in quality glassware from Pyrex, a global premium brand, can help to reduce the risk to users as well as reduce the rate at which you consume glassware.

Pyrex: Quality glassware for over 100 years

Pyrex originally received its registered trademark in 1915 and in 1921 a contract was established with Corning to manufacture Pyrex products in the UK under licence. UK production of Pyrex products commenced in 1923, and nearly a century later, Pyrex continues to lead the way:

  • World leading premium glassware brand, globally recognised for its high standards
  • Precision manufactured in-line meeting rigorous international standards (ISOs)
  • Quality assured, offering high chemical resistance and large working temperature range

Pyrex: Proven benefits in your lab

Four key design elements bring proven benefits to your lab:

  • Even Wall thickness reduces the risk of thermal shock and lengthens service life even further
  • The solid Base eliminates hot spots thus reducing thermal shock and subsequent wastage. It also provides stability and maximises contact surface for heat transfer
  • The Rim profile provides mechanical strength and has been designed to minimise chipping and create a more robust product
  • The Spout ensures precision pouring with a reduced risk of spillages onto work surfaces and students

Precision Manufacturing

Pyrex's precision manufacturing processes ensure that there is greater consistency and quality in the end product resulting in better safety in the lab.

When glassware is manufactured the outside cools and shrinks more quickly than the inside which leaves the product in a permanent state of tension, and tension release is what causes glass to break.

  • Thermal Stress - Resulting from Heating/Cooling and temperature extremes
  • Mechanical Stress - Chips, Scratches or damage in the glass provide a point to release the stress


The Annealing process is key to safe laboratory glass, the controlled heating and cooling helps to reduce Thermal Stress and:

  • Releases Tension in a controlled manner
  • SciLabware anneal all glassware products inside a Lehr to remove tension
  • SciLabware invest in specialist temperature monitoring to ensure accurate controlled temperatures

The result is a product with much reduced variation in wall and base thickness than competing brands.

Extending the Life of Your Pyrex Glassware

You can also help prolong the life of your glassware by following these simple cleaning tips:

  • Mechanics - Lipsol detergent can be used to provide excellent cleaning performance
  • Chemicals - May be required to remove grease and/or acids following your experiments
  • Temperature - Pyrex and Quickfit robust ceramic marking provide long-lasting, clearly readable markings prolonging the service life of the product
  • Time - Examine all glassware after use - do not use chipped, scratched or discoloured glassware
  • Water - Clean and soak as soon as possible after use to ensure the longer life of your glassware

To find out more about the range of Pyrex glassware on offer from SciChem, please continue to browse our website or contact us for more information on 01902 402 402 or by email.

Thanks to Scilabware for their assistance with this article.