Ultrasonic liquid clinical detergent

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Aluminium Safe Ultrasonic Cleaner AL/US
A strong, efficient but safe alkaline cleaner for removing oil, grease, buffing compounds, soil and processing residues. Typical applications include soiled engine parts and precision components. Suitable for use on brass, ferrous metals, alkali safe plastics and aluminium. Specifically inhibited for use on alkali sensitive metals. (Dilute with water).
Clinical Detergent LQCD/2
A special liquid detergent, for the rapid and efficient cleaning of surgical instruments, syringes, laboratory glassware, blood transfusion vessels and equipment. Will quickly disperse blood residues, organic matter and chemical deposits. Hospital tested and in regular hospital use. (Dilute with water).
Rust Remover ARR/V2
Rust remover dissolves rust without the need for hard rubbing. A preparation based on phosphoric acid for removing rust or tarnish from ferrous metals. Used for removing rust from chromium plate on cars, for derusting machine parts, for removing rust stains, for preparing ferrous metals for painting and as a general acid cleaner.
Concentrated Jewellery Cleaner CJC
A safe cleaner for removing dirt, oil, grease and tarnish from jewellery, clock, watch and instrument parts. Contains a proportion of ammonia derivatives, emulsifiers and complexing agents. (Dilute with water).
Laboratory detergent QLD/L
A laboratory detergent for use on all kinds of glass, metal and plastic apparatus. Typical deposits removed include oil, grease, tars, silicones inorganic matter, polyacrylate and PVA resins, Shellac, Canada balsam, blood residues, proteins and a wide range of organic soil. Usually gives better results than traditional hazardous cleaners, such as chromic sulfuric acid mixtures. (Dilute with water).
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DescriptionClinical Detergent
Pk Qty5L
Product NameUltrasonic Liquid Clinical Detergent
Pack Size5LTR
Chemical FormulaN/A
Molecular WeightN/A
UN Class//
CAS No5064-31-3
EC No225-768-6
Signal WordWarning
Hazard StatementsH319, H351, H302
Precautionary StatementsP201, P264, P280, P305+P351+P338, P308+P313, P330, P337+P313, P501


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