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TTC/TTC Agar dipslides

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Hygiene monitoring is too important for a health conscious society to ignore. MICRO-C dip slides are a simple and easy to use swabbing and sampling device for assessing microbial contamination. This can avoid laboratory based procedures of plating out on petri dishes.
Features include:
• Large paddle for easy reading
• Flexibility for maximum surface contact
• Airtight lid, easy to flip off
• Convenient sized box of 10 dip slides
• Comparison chart supplied
Application areas:
• Dip slides can be used to monitor microbial growth whenever the potential may exceed 100 cfu per ml of sample fluid

TTC/Malt Agar
Side 1: Nutrient agar with triphenyl tetrazolium chloride (TTC). Used for the enumeration of total aerobic bacteria which grow as red colonies.
Side 2: Malt agar for the quantification of yeast and mould levels. Moulds grow as large furry colonies and yeasts appear as smaller usually cream/beige colonies.

Pseudomonas/McConkey No. 3
Side 1: Pseudomonas agar is used for the selective isolation of the Pseudomonas species. The agar contains selective supplements which inhibit the growth of other micro organisms.
Side 2: McConkey No. 3 agar is used to assess the level of coliforms and some other Enterobacteriacae. This agar may be used to differentiate between coliforms which if present, produce intense violet red colonies and non-coliforms, which produce colourless colonies.

Side 1 and 2 have nutrient and TTC media for detection of TVC.

Product Safety: Dip slides are non-hazardous. However, the slides should be sterilised before disposal.
Storage: Store in a cool dry place but do not refrigerate. The shelf life of dip slides is 9 months from date of manufacture but can be used after the expiry date as long as there is no visible contamination and the agar surface remains smooth and has not significantly shrunk. (NB: The information given above is believed to be accurate but is given without warranty).

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DescriptionTTC/TTC Agar
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