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Protective hand cream Procare

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ProCARE is a non-greasy professional barrier handcream that relieves and protects hands from chapping and irritation. Specially formulated for long-lasting protection, ProCARE is ideal for everyone who washes their hands frequently. Combining lanolin to moisturise the skin and silicone to seal in that moisture, ProCARE absorbs rapidly for a non-greasy feel and instant protection.
It is particularly effective in reducing the irritation caused by the constant wearing of rubber gloves and, like LabGUARD, it contains the proven skin-safe anti-viral agent, Nonoxynol-9.
ProCARE's thick cream formulation can be used sparingly - a single 85gm tube will last several weeks. In biohazardous situations, we recommend a dedicated tube for each user to reduce tbe risk of cross-contamination.
Contents450g Pump Top Bottles
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