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Pipettor Research+ fix vol 1000ul

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The Eppendorf Research Plus combines over 50 years of innovation in liquid handling to provide you with one of the safest, most robust and ergonomic pipettes available today. The Research plus is remarkably light both in terms of weight and pipetting forces setting new standards for ergonomic operation. With a spring loaded nose cone for lower tip attachment and ejection forces, the ability to be autoclaved without disassembling, fixed volume pipettes and multichannel options available; the Research plus pipette will become an indispensable tool in your laboratory.
• Eppendorf PerfectPiston®: Ultralight and highly resistant piston system
• The positions and shapes of the control buttons/displays have been optimized for stress-free work procedures and intuitive operation
• The spring-loaded tip cone provides you with an optimal pipette fit with minimal insertion force
• The adjustment option allows you to perfectly adapt the pipette for specific liquids or other external conditions
• With the new volume setting, you can switch from maximum to minimum volume in just a few turns
• The 4-digit volume display with magnifying display makes quick and accurate volume settings easier than ever
• The quick lock makes the lower part particularly easy to remove and service

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