Pipettor Biohit eLINE s/ch wch 50-1000µl

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The eLINE pipettor is a leader for analytical performance and ergonomic design, making it the ideal choice for electronic pipetting. The honorary mentioned (Pro Finnish Design 2001) pipettor is fully electronic, including tip ejection and has models covering the full volume range from 0.2 to 5000µl.
• Unbeatable accuracy and precision thanks to the patented DC motor and optical feedback concept
• Unique one touch electronic tip ejection mechanism
• Extra wide volume ranges in both single and multi channel models
• Comprehensive range of liquid handling protocols with easy programming
• 9 speeds for aspiration and dispensing
• Opti-load tip mounting in multi channel pipettors
• Left and right handed operation
• Clear LCD screen displaying information and instructions during pipetting
• Easy to use keypad for fast programming, with one button control for pipetting
• Replaceable Safe-Cone filters to help prevent contamination of the pipettor and samples
• Autoclavable dispensing head (excluding PRP 460 040 and PRP 460 080)
• Built in error control, notifying the user if an error occurs

Operation Modes:
• Pipetting
• Diluting
• Reverse pipetting
• Diluting with mixing
• Pipetting with mixing
• Sequential dispensing
• Pipetting with Cycle counter
• Multi-aspirating
• Manual Pipetting
• Automatic Multiple Dispensing
• Multiple dispensing

Patented Biohit DC-motor concept
• Improved accuracy and precision
• User independent pipetting action
• High reliability with an optical feedback system and high error control
The unique Biohit innovation enables over 10 times more precise positioning of the piston compared to the stepper motor driven system. This means superior accuracy and precision especially in the dispensing mode making results continually reproducible.

eLINE charging options

The eLINE electronic pipettors can be charged with a 1-Place charging stand, a 4-place charging carousel or a direct charging ac-adaptor. The variety of charging options has been designed for optimal utility and all charging options are delivered with the ac adaptor of choice. It is possible to continue pipetting while the eLINE is charged through the AC-adaptor. The compact design of the 4-pipettor charging carousel is ideal for saving bench space in the laboratory and allows the pipettor to be rested between dispensing routines with a tip attached. The 4-place rotating head provides easy access to the desired unit.
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