Bath Armor for water baths

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This metallic media has been designed for use with unstirred water baths and block heaters. It consists of small, uniform beads which replace the water in baths and blocks in the heaters.
• Tackles the problem of microbial contamination in water baths
• Thermal media does not adhere to samples in water baths, eliminating cross-contamination
• Supports samples without blocks, racks or floats - the unique properties of the media keeps supports any size and shape container
• Media is dry and not subject to evaporation, therefore water levels do not need to be monitored and baths can be left on continuously
• Emptying and cleaning a water bath becomes easier
• The thermal media keeps samples at temperature for 5 times longer than water, particularly useful if the bath loses power during use

Cool Beans™ Chill Bucket
• The ice bucket reinvented, using Bath Armor™ instead of ice!
• Simply place the bead bag and chill packs in teh refrigerator or freezer then assemble the bucket with the chill packs in the bottom
• The chill bucket delivers up to 8 hours of constant cooling from 4°C to 20°C
• Metallic beads keep samples dry and hold them in place
• None of the problems associated with ice melting and sample contamination
Supplied complete with a polyurethane laboratory bucket and lid, two gel packs and a mesh sack filled with Bath Armor™ metallic thermal beads.
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DescriptionBath Armor for Water Baths
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