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Barium Chloride Dihydrate AR, 1kg

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Pk Qty1kg
Product NameBarium Chloride Dihydrate AR
Pack Size1KG
Chemical FormulaBaCl2.2H2O
Molecular Weight244.26
Exceeds ACS SpecificationsAssay99.0 - 101.0%
Calcium (Ca)max. 0.05%
Heavy Metals (as Pb)max. 5 ppm
Insoluble Mattermax. 0.005%
Iron (Fe)max. 2 ppm
Loss on Drying at 150°C14.0-16.0%
Oxidizing Substances (as NO₃)max. 0.005%
pH of 5% Solution at 25°C5.2-8.2
Potassium (K)max. 0.0025%
Sodium (Na)max. 0.005%
Strontium (Sr)max. 0.1%
UN Class6.1/1564/III
Signal WordDanger
Hazard StatementsH332, H301
Precautionary StatementsP261, P264, P271, P301+P310, P304+P340, P501


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