Analogue ultrasonic bath 1.5L XUBA1

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The XUBA and XUB series of reliable, high-performance ultrasonic baths offer fast, safe and cost-effective consistent ultrasonics for various scientific and laboratory applications.
• Innovative transducer technology provides outstanding performance and reliability
• Gentle yet effective cleaning ensuring consistent results for rapid and complete removal of contaminants
• Suitable for sophisticated applications in the scientific sector such as degassing, sonochemistry and fluid dissolution
• Clean finish, high-quality and robust design for long-term reliability and durability
• A choice of five digital and two analogue models

XUBA Analogue Ultrasonic Baths
Compact analogue controlled range of ultrasonic baths, providing a high standard of reliable and effective ultrasonic technology. Suitable for use in a wide range of applications from healthcare to laboratories, the choice of two baths come in a great value-for-money package, with stainless steel basket and ABS plastic lid included as standard.
• Excellent entry level ultrasonic bath
• Fast, effective, efficient, easy and safe cleaning and processing of diverse instruments, components and solutions
• Robust design offers outstanding durability and reliability

XUB Series Digital Ultrasonic Baths
XUB range of digitally controlled benchtop ultrasonic baths offer consistent and reliable performance in a variety of environments.
• Frequency LEAP technology provides more homogeneous ultrasonic activity throughout the tank, reducing dead spots and standing waves
• Heated ambient +5°C to 70°C
• Accurate process control of time, temperature, ultrasonic activity, degas and power
• Modern, sleek design with stainless steel basket, ABS plastic lid, M2 ultrasonic cleaning solution, SD card and drain tap included as standard
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