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3M Thermalog-S Steam Chemical Integrators

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How can you tell if a load is sterile or not? Myth - Well my autoclave tape turns black, that means it's sterilised. Fact - Although autoclave tape is sensitive to steam and temperature, it is only a simple process indicator and will change colour relatively quickly when exposed to the steam process. Autoclave tape should only be used as a quick visual indication that a load has been processed, not that the process was successful. Thermalog-S is a refined integrator which gives a more precise measure of the success of the process. As the colour development kinetics of Thermalog are similar to the inactivation kinetics of biological indicators, Thermalog will only show safe if the right combination of steam penetration, temperature and time have been met. Thermalog-S is fast, easy to use and suitable for all typical steam sterilisation cycles.
To use Thermalog-S, simply place the strip in your load at the points most resistant to steam penetration, ie the centre of packs or vessels. Once the cycle is complete, and if the blue bar has permeated into the safe zone, the three criteria of steam, temperature and time have been met. The strip can then be kept as a record of your process.
5-year shelf life. Supplied in re-sealable pouches of 250 integrator strips.
DescriptionThermalog-S Steam Chemical Integrators
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