µltipette SPR-100 fixed 0.1ml

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The Barky SPR range of single and variable volume macro µltipettes™ offers accuracy, flexibility and reliability. The µltipettes™ are very robust and hard wearing, and cover a working range from 0.1 - 5.0ml in single as well as variable volume devices.
They are designed for use with straw pipettes, however with the aid of adapters they can also use plastic tips or glass Pasteur pipettes. All models can be autoclaved as a unit, or the internal parts can be disassembled and cleaned individually. Re-calibration and servicing of the Barky range of SPR µltipettes™ can be done easily by the user in house.
Accuracy and Calibration
Every single and variable µltipette™ volume is pre-calibrated but can be re-calibrated by the user if required.
The use of adapters AD-1R and AD-2R allows each µltipette™ to use either plastic tips or glass Pasteur pipettes and by removing the adapter the user can continue to use straw pipettes. (Please note adapters can be made to any specification to fit any plastic tip of your choice.)
Each device is assembled and tested individually for accuracy and quality and each SPR µltipette™ carries a two-year warranty with a traceable serial number engraved on each one.
The action on a Barky SPR pipettor is extremely smooth, to virtually eliminate operator fatigue.
NB: If the volume you require does not appear in the fixed volume range of Barky SPR, one can be manufactured to suit your particular requirements within the range 50µl to 5.0ml. The means of sample delivery can also be altered to meet your needs. Please speak to customer services with your specification.
Volume Range0.1ml (100µl)